Fairy Tales in Motion
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Dress code and Etiquette

Students should wear leotards and tights.  Tights not necessary in warmer weather for younger students.  Any color or style appropriate for class not performance.  
Slippers are recommended.  Please get leather not cloth.
Hair should be pulled back.

Students may begin at any time.
Parents may peek in class room
without disturbing class.
Parents are not in classroom during class.
Visitor’s Day is last scheduled class of term

Students must register prior to taking class.
Please do not show up without first contacting FTIM to reserve a space in class.

Makeups allowed only with teacher’s prior permission.
Full payment due upon registration.
No refunds after 2nd week of class.
If you have 5 children in a group, please call.
We may be able to arrange a class!

Classes may have to be combined or times changed in order to satisfy enrollment quota.